PTO Information

PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. The Lettie Brown PTO is a nonprofit group comprised of parents, teachers, and staff dedicated to improving the educational experience of all students at Lettie Brown Elementary School. Our goals are to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with teachers, staff, and the community to improve our children’s educational experience.  Every parent with a child attending Lettie Brown School is automatically a member of the PTO.

Contact us at:  [email protected]





President - Katie Weng (309) 635-5177     [email protected]

Vice President - Amy Kominkiewicz (574) 309-0695      [email protected]

Secretary - Bethany Wyss (309) 370-3398     [email protected]

Treasurer - Stephanie Autry (309) 339-7576     [email protected]



(Mondays @ 7:00 P.M. in the music room)


August 28

September 25

October 30

November 27

January 29

February 26

March 18

April 29


2023/2024 Committee Chairpersons


After School Programs                Brittney Andres-Rossi     [email protected] 

                                                        Amanda Walter     [email protected]


Artistic Adventures                      Sue Rose     [email protected]  Needs Shadow (will take over 2024-2025 school year)


Book Fair                                        Nicole Thaxton     [email protected]


Box Tops                                         Catherine Stecklein     [email protected]


Carnival                                           Natalie Thompson     [email protected]

                                                         Stephanie Autry     [email protected]

                                                         Clarissa Dolan     [email protected]


Carnival Raffle                                Natalie Thompson     [email protected]


Facebook Manager                        Christine Simmons     [email protected]


Fast Food Nights                           Holly Bones     [email protected]


Fine Art Fair                                    Holly Bones     [email protected]


Fun Day                                           Katie Weng, Natalie Thompson, Clarissa Dolan, Stephanie Autry


Hospitality Committee/                Nicole Gold     [email protected]

Teacher Appreciation                    Amanda Walter     [email protected]


Popcorn Sales                                 Holly Bones     [email protected]


Science Day                                     Needed (Spring 2025)


Spirit Wear                                       Katie Weng     [email protected]


Walkathon                                        Liz Mehr     [email protected]

                                                           Emily Lunt     [email protected]