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Ms. Schmitt

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P.E. is a fun and exciting time of the day for students.  They enjoy being active from the minute they walk through the gym doors.  Students are engaged in various types of physical activity that elevates their heart rate. They begin to see the importance of fitness and physical activity in daily life.  Depending on the grade level of the students, they may participate in gymnastics, basketball, softball, dance, Frisbee Golf, jump rope, volleyball, roller-skating, and a host of other fun cooperative activities. Some additional activities include: soccer, juggling, basketball, volleyball, square and line dance, bowling, jump rope skills, hockey, 2 & 4 square, softball, and work on fitness components and testing.


P.E is also a great place for students to learn character-building skills like good sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation.  They are often in groups or partners working together to achieve a common goal.  Everyone gets to participate and students are encouraged to provide positive reinforcement to their peers. 


The students are required to wear tennis shoes as a safety factor for Physical Education.  We will all work together and have a great year!!