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My Class5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!!

Mrs. Gingerich
Mr. Finck


We have a wonderful year in store for you!  This year we will be doing several creative writing papers, as well as the standard paragraph writing.  We will hopefully have Pen Pals to write to in friendly letter style throughout the school year.  We will be writing more in other subject areas like Math and Reading.  We will be focusing on real life situations in these areas so we can see how math applies to our lives every day.  


This year in math we will be covering the basics + - X / up to 3 digits, as well as place value to billions and thousandths.  Having mastered all of your math facts is key this year!  Life will be much easier knowing these.  We will also explore geometry, fractions, decimals, and measurement both standard and metric.  This year we are also implementing the Common core standards into our curriculum.  Fractions are very big in 5th grade. 


Fifth grade is a big step for many students when it comes to responsibility.  Keeping up with daily homework is a must.  Keeping daily assignments written down in our blue folders and staying on top of Accelerated Readers helps the year sail by. 


We supplement our Reading series with several great novels during the year. These are approximately every 4 weeks. 


The final thing we would like to mention is all of the fun learning project opportunities we have in 5th grade.  They vary from year to year; however they could include one or more of the following: boat races, bridge breaking, mask making, a musical play, R&R parties, filed trips, job fair, YIPs, First Grade Buddys, and many other exciting times will be had in 5th grade.  We look forward to our year together.


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